EYE ON DESIGN: Carbon Dating

Firepits and Barbecues: The Remix

Dusk is my favorite time of day, especially now that spring is turning to summer, because I enjoy dinner outside — with a dry rose or some prosecco, naturally. That usually means sitting around an outdoor firepit or barbecue (when “spare-the-air” regulations permit). And though we need to be careful about particulates in smoke, according to The New York Times Magazine’s recent “Green Issue” barbecuing with charcoal is practically a net zero regarding carbon emissions. Whew! Summer still has some sizzle. But as I start to clean the big rusty black cauldron-on-a-tripod that is our grill, I wonder about alternatives that might bring our backyard into the 21st century. Here’s what I’ve found with a cool stainless steel look.


The sturdy propeller-like design of The Conmoto Outdoor Fire Pit reinvents the campfire for suburban life.


I’d call this one “Beyond The Pail!” or “Got Hot Milk?!” It’s the Eva Solo Tabletop Grill (porcelain and stainless steel with a teak stand) and takes the hibachi idea in an entirely new direction. I love it. Of course the charcoal should be equally well-designed…

I hope all this grilling has spurred your plan search. For a quick round-up of barbecue-friendly floor plans like the one shown below, Plan 544-1 by Steven Murphy, explore our Outdoor Rooms Collection.


One response to “EYE ON DESIGN: Carbon Dating

  1. Dan

    Love your blog and all your new links on the left. I am going to go to placewares, checkout Nanawall doors, and I have subscribed to Design Public’s newsletter. Keep doing what cha doin.

    Sean Madison

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