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Of Mica and Men

Craftsman is the energizer bunny of revival styles — it just keeps hopping into another decade. Originally an early 20th-century success story, it has been undergoing a robust renaissance for the last thirty-plus years. Just look at the cornucopia of Craftsman style products available today, the best of which express connections to nature and the hand-made:

oak and mica lamp

From the Oak and Mica Table Lamp at Arts and Crafts Tile, above, to the vivid geometric ceramic based on a rug Frank Lloyd Wright designed for the Hoffman house, below (also from Arts and Crafts Tile),

FR6370BR FLW Hoffman rug

to rugs themselves, such as this Tiger Rugs example from Modern Bungalow:

CraftsVine_SpringCC5   craftsman vine from modern bungalow

To vases — see the Curled Fern from Door Pottery below.

vs_CurledFernSM_lg photo

And what about clocks.

mantel clock from carreaux du nord

This slender “Cotswold Cottage” design is from Carreaux du Nord. And furniture, of course, like the drinks table from Black River Mission, below:

17tab1 drink table from black river mission

Don’t forget those Elbert Hubbard or Gustav Stickley-inspired motto plaques (these gents helped found and popularize the American offshoot of the Craftsman Movement in the early 1900s), like this one from Arts and Craftsman Woodworks:

live_for_today-537x166 motto

You can even have a Craftsman bird feeder:

bf_shortdfly bird feeder from modern bungalow

The Dragon Fly design is from Modern Bungalow — call it a “tweeter feeder” and then twitter about it!

The Craftsman bungalow has seen an equal surge in popularity as homeowners look for comfort and character within smaller spaces while making the most of limited resources. Simple gable roofs, extended eaves, exposed rafters,  front porches, and easy garden access are important architectural attributes. Brooks Ballard, the newest designer in our Signature Collection, has carefully studied the Craftsman bungalow and updated it for modern living.

461-3p1-2116 photo

His Hayes design (Bungalow Plan 461-3, above) is especially appealing. A useable 8-foot deep front porch sets the tone.

461-3mf-2116 plan

Inside, the living is contemporary, with an island kitchen that opens to both the dining area and family room.

Or consider his Dillon (Foursquare Plan 461-2, below), a classic  four-square design.

461-2p2-2520 photo

Again an ample entry porch creates a neighborly stance.

461-2mf-2520 plan

The plan includes a rear breakfast area and screened porch, and a hint of formality in the butler’s pantry between kitchen and dining room.  With a Master’s in Architecture from Georgia Tech and a Master’s in City Design and Social Science from the London School of Economics, Brooks knows how to put houses together to form thriving pedestrian-oriented communities. And he takes a “green-build” approach: Home widths are based on 4-foot increments for less waste during construction. Bump-outs are kept to a minimum. Roof lines are simple. It’s efficiency with a heart and soul — hey, that almost sounds like a Craftsman motto! Welcome, Brooks, it’s great to have you on the team.

To browse a large collection of Craftsman style house floor plans click here.

4 responses to “Craftsman Style Today

  1. Thanks for the post. Nice to know the movement is still alive.

  2. Stephen S. Evanusa

    Very nice-
    You can see plenty of varyations on this theme in north-east Washinton DC/ Montgomery County Maryland in Takoma Park.
    Lots of variants possible with the porches- especially.
    If I may comment- the Hays plan may be “tweaked” by rotating the bathroom against the outside wall, providing a narrower closet against it for the Mech, and placing the open, or partially open staircase in a hallway.
    That would create a flow to the family room without having to go through the Kitchen and Dining room. WD would go in the front closet, or upstairs.

  3. Today on the bus I was thinking about geology and literature and the phrase “Of mica and men” popped into my head. I wondered if it’s been used anywhere.

    I googled it when I got home and aside from a bunch of typos, this is the only result that came up.

    Damn you!

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