Eco-Friendly Living

GREEN EGGS AND PLAN (With Apologies to Dr. Seuss)

Sunset Magazine’s annual Celebration Weekend event is held at the company’s extraordinary Cliff May (building) and Thomas Church (garden) designed campus and brings the pages of the magazine to life with gardening, cooking, and design  demonstrations. I got a preview of the latest Sunset Idea Cottage made from two of Modern Cabana by Blu Homes’s prefabricated units. All the wood is FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council). Here’s a shot of it with Modern Cabana co-owner Nick Damner on the ladder making some final adjustments.

Sunset CW and Modern Cabana 123

Two Modern Cabana structures — a 12 by 25-foot kitchen/living unit and a 10 by 16-foot sleeping unit — are joined by a deck designed by Sunset building guru Peter Whiteley. The cottage is a variation on the “Getaway That Grows” mentioned in the last posting.

Sunset CW and Modern Cabana 116

It’s cool, contemporary, and crisp, even in this premature view! The furniture is by CB2.

Take-away ideas include what I would call “wall planter trays” from Flora Grubb Gardens, shown below,

Sunset CW and Modern Cabana 122

(note the wire hangers at the top) and a shade-and-outdoor lighting-structure made by Peter out of woven willow branches (from The Willow Farm) and light strings, below:

Sunset CW and Modern Cabana 098

Many thousands of visitors will throng the event so get there early, and be sure to meet Honey and Ophelia, Sunset‘s celebrity chickens who were part of a story called “The One Block Diet” developed by Food Editor Margo True and her team. The story recently won a prestigious James Beard Journalism Award.

sunset chickens with James Beard medals

Everyone’s clucking about it and some are still wearing their medals.

There, now you see why the title of this posting included eggs. And because I’m just a ham.

One response to “Eco-Friendly Living

  1. I think Dr. Seuss would approve of your clever pun. Great post!

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