Kitchen & Bath Show Splashdown

Picture 3.png clagett kitchen

The annual Kitchen & Bath Industry Show — held recently in Atlanta — is the premier launch pad for new appliances, fixtures, and other products designed to enhance the two key rooms in the house. I asked kitchen and bath expert and veteran KBIS attendee Leslie Clagett to list her favorites (some of which will hit the market later in the year).

Picture 3

Leslie got her start in design journalism at Arts + Architecture magazine in Los Angeles (where she worked in the sleeping loft of the Schindler House), then as an editor for various home publications in New York.  The author of The New City Home (Taunton Press), she recently started a very cool and totally addictive daily blog focusing on everything kitchen and bath— KB Culture—where you can see pictures of her own kitchen, designed by her architect husband, John, among scores of other seductive and inspiring images. A shot of the Clagett’s imaginative overhead storage wheel for glassware, paper towels, and utensils — with built-in uplights (I would call it a very high-IQ chandelier) — is shown at the top of this posting. Here’s her review.

Leslie Clagett’s KBIS: Nine New Products to Watch

Some frugal, some fancy: Products at KBIS were a mix, as manufacturers cope with the changing economic landscape. Let’s start with an item whose very name puts me in a good mood…

1. Uplift Mirrored Cabinet by Robern
A seamless mirror glides upwards—and stays where you position it!—


in this elegant medicine cabinet that’s a great complement to Modernist interiors.

2. Precision 16 Sink by Blanco
Measuring 16 inches front-to-back, the refined dimensions of this sink allow ample area to install deck-mounted faucets,

Precision 1.5 Bowl_018

and shows off chic, slab counters, too.

3. Gourmet Work Shelf Sink by Elkay
What’s the point of a sink whose basin is closed off when an integral work surface is in place?


In this design, a sturdy, drop-in wire grid rests four inches below the rim of the bowl, maximizing its utility.

4. Lighted Grill Controls by Lynx
Unless you do all your grilling by daylight, you’ll appreciate this thoughtful detail:


softly illuminated control knobs will help prevent accidental incineration—or undercooking—of your next al fresco entreé.

5. Servo-Drive Waste/Recycle Drawer Mechanism by Blum
Bump the front of the kitchen trash pull-out with your knee or give it a light hip-check,


and it opens automatically, thanks to this handy—or perhaps better said, hands-free—device.

6. Bassino Floating Tub by Kaldewei
No water jets, no music, no lights: This back-to-basics enameled-steel tub is made for quiet relaxation.

Kaldewei Bassino detail

Its unusual dimensions (at 78x39x14 inches, it’s longer and shallower than the typical tub) are designed to facilitate therapeutic floating. (I love the showroom shot: Bathtub-As-Island!–DG)

7. Smithsonian Collection by Linkasink
Not only is the rim of this porcelain sink decorated with delicate cutwork,


but the drain detail receives the same treatment, giving ornament a functional spin.

8. Legato Vanity by Toto
I’m taken with the way the top, legs and part of the sides of this console are one,

Legato Vanity & Mirror

wrapping almost origami-like around the drawers. Very fresh.

9. Mini Om Range Hood by Elica
A blast of blue that will zip up any color scheme, the pure geometry of this hood is quite easy on the eye.


It will work particularly well in clean-lined spaces, introducing a curvilinear accent to them.

One response to “Kitchen & Bath Show Splashdown

  1. These are great! I was also very excited when I saw the new lift-up Roberns, but the Linkasink vessel with the decorative drain is really pretty! The 16″ Blanco is also really practical — thanks so much!

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