Cool Patio Furniture, Porch Plans, Katrina

Summer Swizzle: Outdoor Seating That Stirs

Let’s toast the Fourth of July with something frosty. My summer refresher of choice is what my cousin, who’s from the East Coast, calls a “Southside.” It’s like a mojito, only frozen. I combine one part light rum to two parts freshly squeezed lime juice sweetened with sugar syrup, the leaves from two or three sprigs of garden mint, and at least two cups of ice cubes in a blender and whirl until smooth. You can sweeten to taste. Now — where to sit? Here’s a round-up of eye-catching patio furniture designs that should keep you sipping — I mean sitting — pretty for the fireworks and more.

Candy-Colored Conveyor Belt. The single bent sheet of clear acrylic draws the eye to the LCP chaise, below, short for Low Chair Plastic.

398x398large2007g43685_2474Low Chair plastic LCP, Limn

Designed by Maarten Van Severen in 1999 for Kartell it’s available from ylighting. I like the simple form — a vivid accent for a shady spot.

Napping At The Bauhaus. Or how about a classic from one of the great modern architects: the F41 “Lounge On Wheels” by Marcel Breuer, of 1928, available from Hivemodern.

bild tecta breuier lounge chair

The bicycle-like wheels and woven cane seat and back give it a vivid presence, seeming to animate the idea of relaxation. According to Aaron Able on Apartment Therapy, “The fifth wheel is connected to the others with a bicycle chain, allowing the relaxer to propel the lounge without moving to an upright position!” This  must be what’s known in physics as Conservation of Momentum…

Carpool Lane. Here’s a new lounge chair from Lolldesign —  “the 405 Chaise” — made of recycled plastic. It comes in eight colors from black to sky blue.

09_chaise_blue 405 chaise from lolldesign

The name is clever: the 405 is LA’s busiest freeway so, if you live in Southern California: “you can skip work and tell everyone you were stuck on the 405 without lying,” according to the website.

Curves Ahead. The elegant simplicity of the lazy S-curve is hard to beat — it just seems to illustrate stretching out for a snooze.

ZMN1238_l Zuo Modern lounge chair from Accent Furniture Direct

This example is the “Zuo Modern — Sydney Outdoor Lounge Chair” in chocolate brown from Accent Furniture Direct. The surface is a synthetic weave over an aluminum frame.

Outdoor Relaxation Rooms

So, where to put the chairs? Here are two plans — from our only-at-Houseplans  Signature Collection — with especially good outdoor spaces, to get you thinking about how your new house plan might adapt to warm weather.

Ross Anderson’s “Boardwalk 1.0” Plan 433-1 includes a screened porch at one end.

433-1re-2220 ross anderson Boardwarlk

It’s  a sheltered, insect-free, open-air nature-viewing platform.

Gregory La Vardera’s “Plat House” Plan 431-2 is wrapped in a porch and and a sun deck.

431-2alt1-1420 LaVardera porch

I can imagine the aforementioned lounge chairs placed right there, at the corner, half in and half out of the sun, where sipping a frozen concoction as the sun goes down would be a great way to celebrate summer.

New Independence-Minded Designs for Katrina Survivors

Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation is bringing new housing solutions to Katrina survivors in New Orleans. The program is all about celebrating independence and new beginnings and innovative residential architecture and seems a very fitting subject for Independence Day — and the Foundation just announced 14 new designs. To learn more about the program and see the range of duplex designs by an international roster of well known architects read the July 1, 2009 article by David Sokol in Architectural Record. For a preview see the examples below, courtesy of Make It Right and Architectural Record.

make it right -- billes

Design by Billes.

Make it Right Mcdonough

Design by William McDonough & Partners.

Make It right -- elemental

Design by Elemental.

Make It Right design, atelier hitoshi

Design by Atelier Hitoshi.

For the back story on last year’s unveiling of the first set of designs (single family) read Andrew Blum’s piece in Metropolis magazine; it’s called Saint Brad. Let’s toast independence, creativity, and the drive to rebuild. Cheers!

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