New Modern Farmhouse Plans

Dueling Pitchforks

Spacious porches, simple barn-inspired shapes, and informal open layouts designed for casual living are the key elements of a successful farmhouse. I’m delighted to introduce two contemporary farmhouse plans that celebrate country living in thoughtful ways: the newest additions to our Signature Collection.  Heidi Richardson, the great granddaughter of the legendary Boston architect Henry Hobson Richardson, is an award-winning Northern California architect who has designed a wide variety of buildings and once worked for William Turnbull, one

of the architects of Sea Ranch on California’s Sonoma Coast. Here’s her elegant Plan 889-2. The understated outline — a central gable flanked by porches — suggests an archetypal mountain cabin. Inside, the layout forms a T,

889-2 floor plan



with bedrooms and bathrooms forming the short leg of the T, and the main living space extending along the stem of the T containing the kitchen at one end, dining area at the center, and sitting area by the fireplace at the other end. This plan could be the core of a larger home by turning the laundry into a gallery or hallway leading to another wing. You could also add a guest wing beyond the fireplace.

The latest design from very own Chief of Design Nick Lee is a somewhat larger two story barn-inspired design, Plan 888-1. Along with spacious porches and the

888-1 second elevation

big living room are such amenities as a study-library alcove called “The Pad” at the base of the stair tower, a large mudroom/workshop along the corridor

888-1 floor plan

between the garage entry and the house proper. The entry is a glazed gallery with ample cabinetry for storage and display. Upstairs in what would be the hayloft is extra space for sleeping or games overlooking the living room. So now you have a choice: if you have always hankered for the perfect farmhouse you can compare layouts and see which suits your situation. And you don’t need horses or cows!

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  1. shirlenewilliams

    I love the open space

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